Saturday, November 10, 2007

Seared Ahi Tuna

Since I live in Irvine, the closest that I'll get to some kind of market is Trader Joe's.

But hey, I never said that was a bad thing. Trader Joe's has some great stuff that you can't find in your typical supermarket.

Like micro-greens.

Or wasabi mayonnaise.

Or ahi tuna that you can just sear--ok, so you can get that at Albertsons too, but I prefer Trader Joe's.

So anyways, I decided to just coat this ahi tuna in panko, and sear it really quickly. You want a very small amount on the outside cooked, and as much rare tuna as you can get. But on the other hand, you also want a nice golden brown crust, so that means really, really hot oil, and a sear of no more than 20ish seconds per side.

Did I mention that I love my knife? There was minimal tearing when I was slicing the tuna. And honestly, minimal tearing is great, considering that this is a big, strong, German, 44 degree knife.

Plate with the micro-greens, the mayo, and some rice, and there's a nice meal!


  1. what the heck? i thought you were broke. i personally think panko wasnt a good choice for searing though. shoulda gone with some sort of soy and sesame marinade since you were going for the whole asian thing. or made something with balsamic vinegar.

  2. It came out to 4 bucks for 2 tuna steaks ($5 per pound), and the trader joe's people said it was good enough to sear. 4 bucks isn't bad at all.

    Soy and sesame is fine, but I've seen panko crusted tuna all the time.