Friday, July 24, 2009

Roasted Salmon + a bunch of other stuff

A while ago, I was given a great cookbook for my birthday--it's called From Emeril's Kitchens, and it's full of these beautiful looking (and mostly retired) recipes straight from Emeril's restaurants. Since these recipes were used to create dishes that were actually served in his restaurants, it's no surprise that these recipes are more intricate and complex than your typical recipe. Since I was relatively new to cooking when I was given this book, it's also no surprise that this cookbook intimidated the crap out of me.

But now it's a couple years later, and I can take it on. maybe.

Today we're making Roasted Atlantic Salmon with Herbed Potato Cakes, Granny Smith Apple Butter, Citrus Fennel Salad, and Salmon Roe. (I couldn't find salmon roe, okay)



Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chicken Ratatouille - From "The Silver Spoon"

This recipe comes from The Silver Spoon, a classic Italian cookbook (and one of the most popular ones) with as much of an impact to Italian home kitchens as The Joy of Cooking is to American home kitchens.
But enough talking, let's get to the cooking!