Saturday, November 10, 2007

New Equipment: Pizza Pan

This is a 16-inch Calphalon (I think I'm starting to become loyal to brands) pizza pan--said to be "reinforced nonstick," and yet "aluminized steel." Whatever that is. It's definitely not the teflon nonstick that we're all familiar with.

Why did I get it? Because I want to be a better cook, and being a better cook means branching out and trying new things. I'll start off with premade dough and everything else homemade, then I'll eventually make the dough from scratch when I'm more familiar with making pizza.

But to give a less pretentious answer, homemade pizza is just darn good. Better than delivery and frozen pizza by leaps and bounds.

Also to come: An immersion blender for nice, smooth soups and sauces, and an actual baking dish, which means I'll be using my oven more! What a concept.

1 comment:

  1. pshhh. frivolous. youre better off using bricks covered in foil. same with a blender. better to have a normal one. multitask man. comon.