Sunday, November 11, 2007

Chicken Roulades

I'm home-alone (apartment-alone?) for this three-day weekend, so I have the ability to experiment or make things from a last minute idea (like the tuna). That way, if I screw something up, it's only on a small scale.

We've had chicken thighs in the freezer for a LONG time. It was 99 cents a pound, so we got a 5-pound pack--and there's still chicken left, from the chicken katsu to the chicken corn chowder. So, I decided to thaw two thighs and make chicken roulades out of them! However, we don't have toothpicks or kitchen twine or even dental floss (what a great time to run out of floss), so I had to...cook them carefully so that they didn't break open.

They were stuffed with mozzarella and fresh parsley. I would use gruyere, because I've seen a bunch of chicken roulade recipes that call for it, but it was like $6 a pound at Trader Joe's. The potatoes on the right were made by parboiling a potato, slicing it, then frying in olive oil.

Yeah, they're not perfect roulades, and it's a simple meal, but it's a casual weekend dinner for myself only, so it doesn't matter.


  1. dental floss food safe? its covered in waxes and chemicals that melt.

  2. I should've mentioned that I use unwaxed floss. I actually looked it up, and unwaxed floss is recommended as a last-ditch effort when you have no twine or toothpicks.

  3. really now. i never knew that. the last time i made a roulade i just put the chicken seam down onto the pan...which happened to be lipless so the juices dripped down to the oven then set off the smoke alarm. well then again i did use chicken breasts. dunno if thighs are any harder to roll up.