Sunday, August 26, 2007

Philly Cheesesteak

I'm moving into my apartment on Sept. 22nd, so for the time being, I'm still at home. And while I'm here, it's probably a good idea to build up a good repertoire of dishes, because 1. I am a poor student who doesn't want to pay for ingredients, and 2. My house has nice equipment, though I'm sure my apartment will be cool too.

I also wanted an excuse to use my cast iron griddle (and an excuse to use my knife), so here's an attempt at a philly cheesesteak. Warning: crappy camera phone pictures ahead.

Sirloin, partially frozen because it's easier to cut into thin strips when it's like that.

Almost done on the cast iron griddle. That's provolone on top. I would use cheez whiz if I wanted to make a more authentic cheesesteak, but's cheez whiz.

Unfortunately, I don't have a final picture. You can imagine what it looks like.

How'd it taste? Not bad. It feels like something's missing though...maybe just salt and pepper wasn't enough.

The knife.

So my first big investment into this was my knife. An 8 inch Henckels Four Star II chef's knife. $90 at Bed Bath & Beyond, down to $77 after tax with a 20% off coupon. As someone who doesn't make a lot of money, that was a pretty big choice to make.

Price aside, this knife is awesome (it better be, at $90 retail). It was between this model and the Henckels Pro S one, but I liked how the Four Star felt--it was lighter than the others, and it felt just right.

I shall call it Aya.