Monday, October 8, 2007

The finished pot roast...

...complete with not so good pictures, but oh well.

So the recipe I use for pot roast is pretty easy...although pot roast in general is pretty easy. Prep all the ingredients, add them to a crock-pot, set the crock-pot to low, and wait 8 other words, go to work/class/whatever, then come back to a finished meal.

What I like to do, once the pot roast is done braising, is to take all of the juice that it gives (and trust me, it's a lot), put that strained juice into a pot, and add a slurry of flour and water, in order to thicken the juice. However, it won't thicken fully until you bring the juice to a boil, so do that, and keep stirring so you don't get burnt pot roast juice. That's...not good.

Once it starts thickening, you have a nice gravy! Pour it on the pot roast, the vegetables, the rice, bathe in it, whatever.

It's so tender, you don't need a knife at all. You can rip pieces off with a fork.

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