Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Bulgogi! And more...

So for yesterday's dinner, we had Bulgogi, written in Korean as 불고기 (I just wanted to put that in). One of my roommates, David, brought a big tub of it from home, already marinating, thanks to his parents. He said it's typically grilled, although it can be sautéed as well, although it won't taste as good.

Luckily, we had a piece of equipment that could give that grilled taste without using an actual grill. Remember that cast iron griddle that I used for cheesesteaks a while back? Flip it over, and it's a cast iron grill.

Some info about Bulgogi...it's like the most popular form of Korean barbecue (and Korean barbecue itself is already popular around here), and it generally just consists of thinly sliced beef, typically sirloin, marinated in some form of liquid magic that I should probably ask about. Although there's soy sauce in there for sure. Cause that totally helps.

Hey, last time I had sirloin, I sliced it thinly too...cheesesteak, bulgogi, close enough.

So here's the traditional way to eat bulgogi, courtesy of David:
Get a leaf of lettuce.
Put rice on it.
Put bulgogi on top of that.
Put some Korean hot sauce that I don't know the name of on top of that.
Optionally, put one of the 378 million side dishes that your meal comes with on top of that.

By the way, I cut my finger slicing those green onions. I love my knife even more.

Why? Because it's so sharp that it gave me a clean cut, with minimal pain (maybe some stinging). If you cut yourself with a dull knife, you won't be happy. And I've cut myself with both before.

Eventually, I got too lazy to wrap it in lettuce, so I just ate it out of a bowl of rice. Great stuff!

This morning, before I left for my early (read: 10am) class, I prepared the pot roast that I'm going to have for dinner today. Prep the ingredients, put it all in a crock pot, set to low heat, and leave it on for 8+ hours while you're away.

The cool thing was, I woke up a bit later than I planned to, so I had to do prep for the pot roast FAST, then run out to the shuttle stop before I missed it. You don't know what you're missing until you have to wash, peel, and cut a bunch of stuff under a really short time constraint.

I know what you're thinking. No, I didn't cut myself again.

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