Thursday, September 6, 2007

Oh, just a typical breakfast.

Yup, just a good old, normal breakfast. I don't move into my apartment at UCI until Sept 22nd, as I said before, so I'm still at home. You know how you can tell that I'm still at home?

Cause of this:

Steak and mashed potatoes for breakfast. Sorry for the crappy phone picture, I'll get a new camera sometime. I was going to do steak and eggs, but we ran out of eggs, so I used leftover mashed potatoes that I made last night. Actually, that's a leftover new york steak as well. Salt, pepper, montreal steak seasoning. I had such good looking grill lines on it last night (really! no, really!) but since I reheated it on a skillet this morning, it kind of went away. Oh well, better pictures next time.