Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And once again...

Steak and eggs. I must have steak as much as I can while I'm at home, because you know I won't be able to afford that at college.

Well, maybe once in a while, I might.

This time, it's a sirloin steak--a cheaper cut than that new york steak, but still nice and tender when cooked medium (not a fan of medium-rare). Cooking this was pretty easy, too! I used my Calphalon hard anodized everyday pan--just sear for 90 seconds per side on crazy high heat, then put the whole thing, pan and all, into the oven at 450, for 3 minutes a side. That'll actually get you a medium-rare steak, but this sirloin was so thin it turned out to be medium.
Oh, I also got a square plate at Ikea, cause everything looks good on a square plate. Really. Now I just have to learn how to plate food...


  1. you didnt let the meat rest before cutting! hence the juice. if that happens again just wipe away to juice to make it look prettier. or better yet, drink it through a bendy straw.

  2. I actually DID let it rest, to the point where the meat wasn't even hot anymore.

    And I didn't want to take the trouble of wiping, but I'll probably do it from now on.